Our Stories


It’s a word that strikes up emotions, instills fear, and sets forth stereotypes.  Yet, one third of society is one paycheck away from being that word.

Book CoverPerhaps it’s the word itself.  When we allow ourselves to equate people to a word, we package all of the stereotypes we’ve learned over time into syllables and forget about the person.  Doing so makes it easy to draw conclusions from statistics we’ve read in a paper or heard from a friend, but what if we actually learned the story behind the person?  How might we move beyond a series of letters strategically placed together to understanding the lives of our neighbors?  Our homeless neighbors.

Combined, the mosaic of stories shared weaves the fabric of the Fort Wayne community:  Homeless and non-homeless; business leader and educator; caring neighbors and neighbors who need a friend.

This is a snapshot of lives.  This is Fort Wayne’s story.

Download the PDF of the book, “Facing Homelessness in Fort Wayne.”

An Unfairy Tale — Alicia’s Story. Age 22.  By Doris Graham

Bicycles — Matthews’s Story. Age 46.  By: Joseph Carpenter

Birthday Blessings — Allison’s Story. Age 37.  By: Nicole Dynes

Choices and Changes — Neil’s Story. Age 38.  By: Michael Skeeters

Healing — Michelle’s Story. Age 45.  By: Gina Brooks

The Hamburger Guy — Eddie’s Story. Age 55.  By: Bethany Pruitt

I Did it for Her — Joe’s Story. Age 59.  By: Baldemar Silva

I Just Blinked — Danielle’s Story. Age 25.  By: Katherine Pruitt

Helping the Invisible be Seen — Miss Sally’s Story. Age 45.  By: Sarah Sandman

How I Became Homeless — John’s Story. Age 32.  Self Authored

No Regrets — Caroline’s Story. Age 41.  By: Cheryl Pruitt

Nothing Else Mattered — Dwight’s Story.  Age 60.  By: George Henry Scott, Jr.

Outside Living — James’s Story. Age 56.  By: Danee Pye

Stepping Stones — Mary’s Story. Age 30.  By: Jennifer Renner

The Man in the Last Pew.  By: Curtis L. Cristler

The Smell of Hopelessness — Oscar’s Story. Age 51.  By: George Henry Scott, Jr.

We Are All the Same — Amber’s Story. Age 26.  By: Jennifer Boen

What’s Next — Linda’s Story. Age 50.  By: Heidi Kaufman

If you were moved by these stories, learn how to start a Facing Project in your community.