When the Facing Homelessness in Fort Wayne planning committee embarked on this project, we weren’t sure what it would look like. We knew we wanted to tell the stories of those who often don’t have a voice, but how?

We found the way to tell these stories through a book, artwork, and an event with live readings of the stories. Over 150 people came out to the Allen County Public Library on April 18 to hear the stories and see the art.

The Facing Homelessnessproject raised awareness of the many causes of homelessness and how easily someone can become homeless. One tangible outcome of the project is a woman who is now making sleeping bags for homeless individuals.

The creators of The Facing Project, J.R. Jamison and Kelsey Timmerman, were impressed with our project and the incorporation of the artwork in local galleries, coffee shops, and museums. They plan to take this idea to other communities in the hopes that they will include artwork in their community projects.

Over the next month or so, we will continue to share the stories of those who are homeless through distribution of the books. If you know people who you think should have a copy of Facing Homelessness in Fort Wayne, let us know.

Fort Wayne is truly a great city! We have so many businesses and organizations that really embody the spirit of community. When you work on a community project, you find this out.