What’s Next?

Linda’s Story. She is 50 years old.             Life was moving all around me, but I was standing still.  My youngest was off for college, my husband had his job, and I was sitting, still recovering from an injury that had happened years before.  I was tired of it.  What was next for me?  I […]

We Are All the Same

Amber’s Story. She is 26 years old. I remember hearing my mother cry, though she did her best to hide the tears. She never wanted me and my little sister to feel afraid, insecure. “The water will only be off for a day,” she’d say, forcing a smile. She would give us some crackers or […]

The Smell of Hopelessness

Oscar’s Story. He is 51 years old. The main factors that caused me to become homeless were basically alcohol and drugs. I didn’t have the best thinking and I would try to rationalize and minimize my failures by using alcohol and drugs. I had no desire to get help because of my thinking. I was […]

The Man in the Last Pew

—for the man with the same name as mine   It’s a little thing for me to live through these cards. They show the places that make my mind smile—   places I’d live in if I knew magic, or didn’t have the job of owning all of the dreams of my past.   Christmas […]

Stepping Stones

Mary’s Story. She is 30 years old. I didn’t plan to be homeless… but then, I guess, nobody does. The problems started because I lived in Fort Wayne, but my job was in Avilla – more than a 20 mile drive each way. So having a car was a necessity. But on a limited budget, […]